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Déjà vu February 6, 2007

Posted by Khawarizmiya in Psycho, recovered from blogspot.

Assalam Alaykom
I was having a walk one day with a friend of mine & we were discussing some issue. I was trying to explain my point of view about something when suddenly my friend gasped.. She was stunned. She told me she knew I was going to say that, in that place, near that building, wearing the exact same clothes. She said everything seemed familiar, as if it had happened, although it didnt.

Im sure many people have been through similar strange situations. “Deja vu” is the word that came to my mind at that moment and I told my friend that I’ve been through somethin like that before, and that this phenomenon is called “Deja vu”.

But what is “Deja vu” anyway? And could it be scientifically explained? What made me ask those questions again to myself was the Denzel Washington’s new movie.. yah guess what its named..Deja vu! I admit it is a very creative movie. The ending is pretty naiive though, more of an Egyptian one. Religious-wise, the idea of the movie is totally forbidden. Not just in Islam, but in all holy Books from God we know that the past cannot and is not to be changed by whatsoever way. Man’s fate is completely in the hands of his Creator, naturally.. & Newton’s theory about going back in time was proven to be impossible. The movie suggests otherwise, its more of a fairy tale, an imaginary story, yet really breathe taking!

Anyway, back to the definition and suggested explainations of “Deja Vu”..

I wont etfalsaf 3alekom..let Wikipedia speak ;)

The term “déjà vu” (IPA:/deʒa vy/) (French for “already seen”, also calledparamnesia) describes the experience of feeling that one has witnessed or experienced a new situation previously. The term was coined by a Frenchpsychic researcher, Émile Boirac (18511917) in his book L’Avenir des sciences psychiques (The Future of Psychic Sciences), which expanded upon an essay he wrote while an undergraduate French concentrator at theUniversity of Chicago. The experience of déjà vu is usually accompanied by a compelling sense of familiarity, and also a sense of “eerieness”, “strangeness”, or “weirdness”. The “previous” experience is most frequently attributed to a dream, although in some cases there is a firm sense that the experience “genuinely happened” in the past. Déjà vu has been described as “Remembering the future.”




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