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University Life February 7, 2007

Posted by Khawarizmiya in college, recovered from blogspot.

Assalam Alaykom, [nerd.gif]
For the past four years that I’ve spent as a university student, one’s opinions & theories towards life, college, education or fun have been through many variations. I remember once one of my Drs asking, Is a 4.00 student better in practical life or a 3.00 student? Many theories & falsafat ive heard about weather u should compromise a high GPA for exmple for the sake of contributing in other social events or scientific activities. The balance is definetely important. I love what my friend Lama wrote one day about this, I need to quote it here, Sorry Lama for not taking your permission! :p

“Fun, pleasure, enjoyment, experience and education, all are words describing a university life! Many people take one side of the equation, either the “frivolous” life, or the “geeky” one. Why not to balance it between the two! Life is worth full to be lived. Give your self a chance to enjoy it. Be social, make friendships, experience new aspects of living! Yet and at the same time, make use out of the chance you’ve been given by attending the university. Be grateful you’re not in one of those “poor” countries whose citizens lost there natural right of being educated. Work hard, yet have fun! Attend your lectures and enjoy your breaks! Never delay a duty, and always take your time to do your work. Refine yourself and cultivate your skills. Always have a goal and NEVER surrender in achieving it. What seems impossible might only need some persistent. The “4” points is NOT every thing. But the full awareness of what you’re doing is what really matters. People admire those who achieve something in life. Make sure that those who are well educated and there counter parts who are not, can never be equal. So, be clever enough to balance the equation!!”

Thanks Lamosh.



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