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Morocco! (4) – The End February 12, 2007

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Restaurant Ceiling in Faas

The End

Big..Big something..Big Integer? I had heard about it but never used it. Honestly by that time we didn’t think we were going to solve anything so all our attempts were just shots in the air, hoping anything would work. And so, we went through the API documentation, searched for BigInteger and read about it. It was pretty messy, I mean modifying the code and using Big Integer guy. Didn’t work again.. Ok no problem, at least we had fun in the trip. While we were playing around with Big Integer dude, Lama had solved another problem. Now we were in between two corners, coding the new problem from scratch, trying again with Big Integer or trying again with the first problem’s code (ok three corners). The third option was chosen, it was about one hour to deadline. We found out a problem with one of the methods, fixed it at once and sent the solution to the judges.. “YES” !!! It was around 50 minutes to deadline; that “Yes” looked so charming that I screamed it out loud. I think the surrounding teams despised us at the moment but no problem..I was very satisfied.

Khadige was very hyper, she asked me to go over the code with the Big Integer mess. I was hesitant at first but then I thought “Why Not?”. we did a small change in some method that calculates the summation of a number’s digits, sent the problem to the judges and waited. Lama tried to convince us of trying to help her with another problem, but before I had the chance to think about that…”Yes!” .. “Horaaaaaaay!!” Here goes the second problem. I was very pleased and thankful to Allah, for four hours I was thinking of how to travel to Australia far away from our failure when God blessed us with solving two problems. Anyway we tried a little with another one but when it was 5 minutes to the end I just sat there, smiling.

5 4 3 2 1 0…BOOM! All teams popped their balloons! I popped two imaginary ones in my mind as we were too late to get any real ones. The volunteers came to us and asked me to do some short interview with the Moroccan tv. I felt I was going to crack up so I convinced my sweet friend Lama of being the super star. Surprisingly, she didn’t mind. We stood at the back laughing at her messed up answers. Everything was ok, we were happy, the AUI girls were supportive, it was great. I went down to wash my face, it was terribly reddish. We bought couple of pictures then went back to the Hotel.

The ending ceremony that night was charming. As the buses started to leave Ifrane, I was a little late and didn’t make it to the bus that my friends took; I had to take another one. Luckily, Dr Khaleel was also there. I sat alone somewhere in the middle, looking from the window. It was raining heavily that night and the way to Faas was pretty inspiring. I couldn’t keep my eyes away from the window. Seeing the castles in Faas, I tried to recall any historical information I know about this part of the Arabic world. Nothing! I decided to read more
about Faas’s History when I come back. Anyway, when we reached our destination I admired the place very much. The high ceiling, the decorated walls and the ancient looking chairs. The Moroccan music played live, the sound of Ou’d. Everything seemed pretty charming. Some complained about the quality of food and other stuff but I didn’t really care at the time. The AUI girls looked lovely, all dressed up in Moroccan traditional clothes. Sara, Kareema, Yusra, Afeefa, and other girls I forgot their names. Sidi Ali gave a nice speech after presenting a small demo for a moroccon wedding. The results were announced and the Academy school in Egypt & AUC got the first and second places, respectively. We got the 3rd place. (We wish). Hahaha.

The night was wrapped up, we went back to the hotel in buses, said goodbye to everyone & promised to keep in touch. Next morning we left to Casablanca, spent one day there before leaving back to Kuwait.

It was an amazing trip, Alhamdu lellah. I’m sure even if I get qualified next year to join the Regional it wouldn’t be as amazing. The company, the beauty of Ifrane, the friends we made there & above all of that feeling I had inside of me that this trip wouldn’t have taken place if we hadn’t believed that whatever difficulties we are to face in this life, are definitely meant to test our faith in destiny, in Gods will. Deep down I had a feeling –and may it be true- that we had passed one of those tests; we had submitted to God when one of our small dreams seemed impossible to happen and we were satisfied with whatever God chooses for us.

That was a lesson I learned from my trip to Ifrane. Too emotional? Yeah so what, Its my business not anyone else’s ;) To be honest, I also learned how to have extreme moments of fun and make the best out of the shortest times and the smallest events, wherever, whenever.



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