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Outlandish in Kuwait! February 17, 2007

Posted by Khawarizmiya in entertainment, Islam, memoir, recovered from blogspot.

Youssef Islam, Dawud Warnsby Ali, Zein bekha, Samy Youssef, Soldiers of Allah, Native Deen, Outlandish, and others..

The Islamic Song has witnessed great improvement in the past few years. Great and talented voices, nice rhythm & modern instruments were used in many Albums out there.

[CloserThanVeins.jpg]My favorite is Outlandish. I believe they provide a great alternative for whoever seeks good music and decent lyrics, which is hard to find in nowadays music. I’m not trying to discuss whether music is forbidden or not from an Islamic point of view. Personally, I like listening to something with decent lyrics & nice music at the same time.

Outlandish’s first & second Albums contained some offensive language and some songs that I considered meaningless. Their new album however“Closer than Veins”presented waaay better music & more meaningful and Islamic lyrics. My favorite is Look Into My Eyes, watch it HERE!.

[Isam.jpg]Outlandish in K u w a i t!!
Last Wednesday, my friend Re called me to tell me “N, one of your dreams is about to become true”. LOL. She told me that Esam from Outlandish is singing in Kuwait in a Mahrajan Enshady on Thursday. And so we went there.. The concert was ok. There werent enough preparations though for Esam’s part. Other Munsheden from Saudi Arabia, Iraq (Mohamad Al-ezzawy), & Canada (Sound of Reason) were there also.

Sound of Reason

This was the first time I saw “Sound of Reason”, from Canada. Mashallah beautiful voices and great Guitar. Listen to some of their work HERE!.



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