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Bamya? February 26, 2007

Posted by Khawarizmiya in Islam, Psycho, recovered from blogspot, Terror.

Assalam Alaykom,

This is one of the situations where I find myself saying..”Huh?”.

Already 500K Iraqi Children Dead

Im sitting there watching Ajazeerah news. The typical deadly headlines;

hundreds of Iraqies killed by American missiles somewhere in Iraq, a Palestinian family buried under the remainings of their house after being destroyed by some Israeli weapon (Made in USA), a woman in Afghanistan raped by american soldiers, a new Scandal involving pictures of Iraqi children tortured and harassed by British & American soldiers in Iraq, U.S officials talking about how necessary it is to send more troops to Iraq or Afghanistan…

“Oh! its 5.30 already!”, I switched the channel to MBC4 after watching the News, to watch “ER”. Yes..ER, an American show. This is exactly when I said to myself, “Huh?”.

Isnt it typical to sense some contradiction around here? I mean after listening for 30 minutes to the damage, murder, torture, destruction & fear that the United States has caused in the Muslim and Arab World, directly or indirectly, will I still switch the channel to watch ER?

Can feelings of hatred to those killing my brothers and sisters be in
the same place with feelings of admiration to their culture, their
media, their television shows? But hold on, do I really hate them in the first place? I’ve always thought its pretty naive to ask that Question, Do you hate usa or do you love it? usa is not “Bamyaa”. The best answer I can think of, is that I have every right to hate the government that is responsible for giving Israel destructive weapons to kill my Palestanian brothers and sisters, & who is responsible for the murder, torture, lack of security around Iraq, not to mention abusing the natural resources and Oil, etc. Is it just the governments? I think not. I will also consider an enemy whoever supports this unfairness and injustice to my people around the world. There are thousands of Americans who dont, however. I send them all my respect and support, and thank them for being rightous.

So does that mean I should or should not continue watching their television shows, their movies, embrace parts of their culture, use their language as im doing this moment for instance?

I think its a matter of being Intelligent and smart enough to distinguish what is useful for you from what is harmful and mind degrading. Take MBC4 for example, if a good series like ER is shown for 50 minutes, what about the rest of the day? I can bet that 80% of the rest are shallow & superficial disgusting programs that present only the bad side of the western culture; the superficiality, women, adultery, etc. (I know you’re saying this is only one channel, but in my satellite there are tons of others, just presenting the same ideas).

So lets be smart, and learn from them what is useful for our own evolution, as they were decades ago when they translated the Arabic and Muslim scientific researches and books to their language, and created a basis for the current scientific revolution. What were we doing all this time? Im not sure, I guess watching “Leave it to Beaver”.




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