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Java Tutorial (2) – Put Your Comment! March 6, 2007

Posted by Khawarizmiya in college, Java, memoir, recovered from blogspot.

Assalam Alaykom,

So, The End of the Java Tutorial series ;) I think today’s was a lot better, considering that the students’ faces looked more satisfied this time ;) I decided to change the Approach this time. In the first section I used to explain a certain point then apply it on Eclipse by writing a code that illustrates this point and then executing it.

I got complaints after the First tutorial about two things.. First some students said that I type too fast and they cant keep up, and the ones sitting in the back said they cant see the text clearly, they couldnt follow up as well. So this time I decided to explain the rest of the topics in the Manual I prepared on the BOARD instead. And believe it or not, the old style worked a lot better!

Anyway, I dont think I have the right to judge myself or evaluate my first tutorial ;) I’ll email the students and ask them to put their comments here so I can look back at them 5 years from now and laugh so hard.

So waiting for your comments here….be honest, be fair ;)\

Edit: This post had 11 comments from my students, on Blogspot — lost them all.  Sniff.



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