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300 March 30, 2007

Posted by Khawarizmiya in Islam, recovered from blogspot, Terror, Western Culture.

Assalam Alaykom,

Two days ago we were having a discussion with my operating system teacher, Dr Karaata :-) about the movie “300”… well originally it was about “Process synchronization in operating systems” but I kind of thought its the same topic at the end :-)
The synchronization between launching such a movie and the events taking place right now between Iran and the west..err.. Should we not go so far? Is it
just a movie? Would we be exaggerating if we thought the Greek blond dudes represent the west and the ugly looking Persians are today’s easterns?

Come on, its just a movie!.. Isnt it?
Well what I’m pretty positive about is that in this movie anything persian was basically ugly, monster like, disgusting and weird. Anything or anyone greek was obviously gorgous, handsome, beautiful, brave and smart. Well that was kind of biased, dont you think. Could people really be deceived by such naive approaches to play with their minds? Ok Im not saying they would believe that persians have knife-looking hands but isnt it expected that if few months from now some attack is started against Iran they’d be like..
ok whatever they’re pretty ugly anyway.
Our 300!
I sincerely hope not. Honestly, what I hope for is that by that time we’d have our own decent Film industry. We dont need to look for some myth about brave 300 soldiers. In our history its not a myth..its a
Who does not know the battle of
Bader where 300 brave Muslim men faught against approximately 1000 Arabs from Quraish, and won the battle, in Ramadan, when they were actually fasting. Read more about it here:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Badr

Who does not know the battle of Mo’ta , where 3000 Muslims faced an army of 200,000 Romans and Arabs. Read more about it here.



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