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P E O P L E April 8, 2007

Posted by Khawarizmiya in Psycho, recovered from blogspot.

Assalam Alaykom,
Winning peoples’ hearts is probably one of the most difficult achievments in ones life.. (for some people it might not mean anything).. Everyday, you meet people who differ in various ways; they come from different backgrounds, have different mentalities & perspectives towards life, people, religion, culture or politics, have different hobbies, likes & dont likes, distinct origins, etc. Psychologically, socially and even biologically each and every individual is somehow different I suppose.

In your everyday life, starting at 8am in the morning and until you go to sleep around , say 12am.. either around the house, college, school or work, you will have to deal with most of those different types of people. Do you really care to win their hearts? Personally, it means a lot to me. I dont think of myself as a considerate person, or lets say, not considerate enough. I look back at many situations Ive faced and people that I’ve talked and delt with, and I wish that I were more considerate. I think its pretty natural to have this desire for self satisfaction by winning people’s hearts and getting them to be pleased and happy with you. Im certainly not talking about sucking up to someone to get something back from them, or being soft in situations when you should be strict, etc. But generally, I believe that Peacefulness with oneself comes from peace with other people. When you get into a useless arguement with a friend, when you feel that you’ve hurt someone someway or when you’ve done a mistake some way or another, this is when you lose that peace inside you..and start wishing that all the people in the world would just forgive you if anything went wrong at anytime, and wish to tell them that you simply didnt mean it.

I think it all starts with having real unfake feelings towards people. Im not saying you should feel bad about stepping on someone’s shoe in the street or regret it for the rest of your life.. but a sincere apology would mean a lot. An apology that would come from your heart would probably enter theirs.

I noticed this fact in the smallest and simplest situations. The true smile on your face when you greet your colleague who is sitting next to you in class has its magical effect not just on your colleague but on yourself as well. The honest question of ‘How are you doing’ that you ask your friend showing them that you really want to know how they are doing, will make you a super hero and a friend they will turn to when they need to talk to someone. The sincere advice you give to someone who needs it will make them respect you even more.

When you ask someone to trust you and promise not to spread their secrets, and you actually maintain that promise, this will make you a trust-worthy person which is pretty rare to find these days. When you give your complete attention to the person you are having a conversation with, make sure you listen more than you talk; you cant imagine how people appreciate a good listener.

Its really amusing to know that many of prophet Mohammad’s (Peace Be Upon Him) teachings carefully take care of all these issues and much more. How He encourages us to smile to people and promises us reward for it; forbidding all the gossip and backbiting of people, forbidding any kind of intrusion on people’s privacy and secrets, etc. I guess one way to winning people’s hearts (the ones who are worthy of it) can be easily achieved by practicing Islam properly.

Anyway I gotta go sleep now, more on this later. I feel like there’s so much to say about it.
I have a presentation tomorrow morning and I need to win my Dr’s satisfaction ;p So see ya.



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