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Prison Break S03 October 12, 2007

Posted by Khawarizmiya in entertainment, recovered from blogspot.

Well, finally! [prison_break_season_3.jpg]

Prison Break Season 3 episodes are beginning to become available in the black market :p After watching two episodes though I became more positive that season 1 will always remain the best ever.. It’s like they are running out of ideas or something! I’m not saying the episodes i’ve seen from S03 are bad, bel3aks they’re really good and as usual, Sentora guy is surprising us with unexpected twists in the story..BUT!

1. Sona prison is too dirty and disgusting, hate it. Fox river is like a Spa compared to it.
2. Michael Schofield is exaggerating in the dramatic whispering tone in his voice, u hardly hear wat he’s saying..
3. Missing Dr. Sara! She was the best..
4. Some events are happening that are not well justified..it’s like u start wondering, where did this come from and how did he do that?.. the sequence of events and plots in s01 and s02 made a lot more sense to me, they were brilliant.

I think its obvious that im bored to death! yaaaaaaaaaawn.. im not sure how to wrap up this stupid post.. so see ya!



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