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Truth About Hamas Rockets. January 13, 2009

Posted by Khawarizmiya in Islam, Palestine, recovered from blogspot, Terror, Western Culture.

I was wrong.
The truth about those Hamas rockets article reminded me that I was wrong.

“The [Palestinian] Kassam [rockets] have terrorized the 25,000 people in Sderot and its environs, but have caused very, very few deaths or serious wounds. By contrast, Israel has terrorized 1.5 million Gazans, locked them inside their awfully narrow borders, throttled their economy, and killed and seriously wounded thousands of them”

There is a lot to be said about Gazza. And not just about people being murdered in massacres, & the stories of babies being found next to their dead moms, starving to death, the thousands of people leaving their unsafe homes, etc.

Hamas rockets.. the justification of this war, massacre to be more accurate, and hence Hamas’s responsibility of all the disasters taking place. Hamas rockets? Have those rockets caused the death of more than 900 civilians in a matter of 10 days? Or even close to that number over the past 50 years? No even close.

Are they being punished for their desperate attempts to fight against the occupation of their land, the murder and torture of their people? Come to think about it, had the name of Ismael Haneyya be William Wallace for instance, the World would’ve made a national hero out of him, and his people. His people.. err.. Sorry, not even their people are standing beside them. Arab governments are in fact taking part and playing a fascinating role in the happening of those massacres.. Pathetic.



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