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Everybody loves a cup of JAVA. February 16, 2009

Posted by Khawarizmiya in Java, recovered from blogspot.

[JJ.JPG]As a Java-Junkie* who has been programming in Java for more than 3 years now in different areas including web-based & database applications, client/server applications, data mining, text mining, multi-threading, wireless simulations and others, I believe I’ve been exposed to the glory of programming in this language more than I should’ve.

I have poor knowledge of .NET technologies, especially C#. I read PHP for dummies some time ago and got the basics (at the time), but never applied or practiced any. Among OOP languages I’ve only programmed in C++ and Java. I’ve done small projects back in college in Lisp and Prolog, written some Perl & shell scripts, and worked on some TCL scripts for NS-2 simulations. NOTHING appealed to me more than has Java. No language ever made more sense. (given a static compiler of course, I hate coding without static compiling & shortcuts.. Gets on my nerves). My friends mock my passion for Java, and I don’t blame them. I do sound extraordinary excited when I’m discussing something Java-related (they should see me teaching it to my students when I was a Java TA in college**), and I do look extraordinary attached when I’m on my laptop coding some Java program.. It just makes sense. (I was one step away from asking a technical Java consultant in Gitex conference for his autograph..).

I do get into debates from time to time with junkies of other languages; PHP, if we’re discussing web development, or C++, if it’s OOP languages in general or ACM problems solving in particular. Oh, not to mention the PL/SQL – Java discussions since Oracle is moving from Forms – PL/SQL to ADF – J2EE based applications.

Anyways, I believe I must admit, the fact that I’m familiar with Java and feel confident coding it is really what makes me favor it over other languages. I dislike what I don’t know, and I cannot judge what I don’t know! I’m not a fan of PHP but simply because I haven’t explored it or familiarized myself with it, yet. My poor knowledge or practice of other languages contributes in my favoring of Java over the rest. Except for C++ maybe, I think if I were a C++ guru I’d still hate it.. (yeah, you heard me.. you and your pathetic pointers, and your strcat.. Who names a functionstrcat anyways? Who calls a function a function in the first place? Too classical, yuck).

Anyways -is it just me or do I keep anywaysing all the time?-, I liked this quote about preferring one language to another when developing a project:

How do you decide between C#, Java, PHP, and Python? The only real difference is which one you know better. If you have a serious Java guru on your team who has build several large systems successfully with Java, you’re going to be a hell of a lot more successful with Java than with C#, not because Java is a better language (it’s not, but the differences are too minor to matter) but because he knows it better.   — Joel Spolsky, 2006

So true!!

*I’m a Java-Junkie in all its possible interpretations: the coffee, and the language.



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