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Anyone for a Biscuit? April 5, 2009

Posted by Khawarizmiya in cooking, recovered from blogspot, sweets.

Abstract: This work aims to present an original interpretation of M. Stewart’s proposed model for baking molasses biscuits[1]. We apply the algorithm in our kitchen system under a given set of constraints, after adding some modifications which exemplify our contribution to the original recipe. By reducing the value of the input parameter cloves to the recipe, from 2 teaspoons to 1 teaspoon, and by observing the tastiness of the output, we conclude that the more you reduce cloves, the better your biscuists taste.

2 eggs
1 cup butter
3 cups flour
1.5 cups oats
2 cups sugar
1.5 cups molasses (عسل أسود)
2 tea spoons baking soda
2 tea spoons ginger powder
2 tea spoons clove powder (قرنفل) /*reduce to 1 teaspoon for less clovey taste*/
2 tea spoons salt

1. Heat the oven.
2. Mix the flower, oats, baking soda, ginger powder, clove powder, salt in a medium size bowl.
3. In another bowl -obviously-, mix the butter, sugar and molasses together. Use an electronic mixer; start with a slow speed then increase gradually.
3.1 Add one egg, then mix. Add the second, mix again.
4. Combine the outcomes of steps 2 and 3.1 together. /*use your clean hands -if necessary- to merge the dry ingredients with the moist stuff*/
5. Now that your dough is ready, shape your biscuits into rounds, and gently press to make it a bit flattened.
6. Compile in oven until golden brown. Takes about 20 to 25 minutes.
7. Serve with tea (or any drink that distracts people a little from the funny taste of your biscuits, if any).

Experimental Results:
See figure (1) for a visual snapshot.


Fig.1: They taste better than how they look.

Conclusion and Future Work:
We conclude from the results that our method yields to tastey biscuits. We intend to work more on the ginger factor as we have observed that the taste of ginger wasn’t noticable enough. Also, we will study the reasons behind the hideous looks of our biscuits, and will work on adding some touches to improve it. We shall also apply other algorithms that target different types of biscuits (e.g. chocolate revel bars), and compare both their complexities and their outcomes.


[1] Martha H. Stewart.



1. Sinfully Delicious Waffles « Psychopathya - January 5, 2010

[…] *Previously implemented recipes: Legendary Chocolate Chip Cookies, Marsha Stewart’s Molasses Biscuits. […]

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