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9KH: Hallway of Memories. October 7, 2009

Posted by Khawarizmiya in college, memoir.

Yesterday I passed by Khaldiya campus to pick-up something then attend a meeting with my ex-masters paper supervisor(s).

It was night. Handasa was relatively empty.

As I took each step in the famous -at that time quite empty- 9kh corridor, flash-backs from the past started popping up.

Mamar 9kh
Mamar 9kh

At the end of that corridor were stairs that took us to the IEEE headquarters upstairs, where a group of my friends loved hanging out and/or studying (occasionally?).  I remembered the Microcontrollers project and how we used to stay late at night trying to get the stupid low-level assembly-programmed chip to work! I remembered being the queen of Monkey-fight.. *giggle*. I remembered whining about how much I hated Electronics to my nerdy EE friends.

At the beginning of that corridor is another path on your left that leads to 4KH: a building that I can only think of as my second home. Actually, statistically speaking, for couple of semesters I believe I had been spending longer hours in its labs than I had at home.

A lot longer.

Every room and/or computer lab in 4KH is crammed with memories of different flavors.

I remember the Database lab being really creepy. I remember getting kicked from the Senior design lab when it got too late and the security dudes had no option but to kick us.. politely (Ahmad & Mahmoud – you gotta love them!).

I remember being an ACM Student Chapter officer and how much I sucked at it.  I remember Typing Day and how I couldn’t participate because I was the organizer. What a waste.

I remember my office as a TA next to the JAVA lab upstairs, in a dark corner – more like a prison cell.  I remember being spotted by my own students bringing coffee from Caribou and cracking-up for some reason that I don’t recall, with my friend, 10 minutes late to the JAVA lab (that I’m supposedly teaching). The shame.

Then I remembered the lab I used to work in as a part-time research assistant.  I remembered how much it sucked trying to install NS-2 on Fedora Core 6 (I hate you, Fedora. Yes, you heard me).

OK, I admit switching the focus from 9KH to 4KH, but 9KH is where it all started.

9KH Corridor is the connecting path between different buildings in College of Engineering.   And for that reason, 9KH isa hallway of memories.



1. psychopathya - October 9, 2009

lol Remember how you guys looked like in your senior design project submission week? Hard core EX-CONS.

Good old days indeed.

2. psychopathya - October 9, 2009

No clue, about the Shadadeya thing.. uff they’ve been talking about it for years. I’ll always be faithful to Khaldiya :)

Bu Jassem :)

3. psychopathya - October 10, 2009

And this is Khadige, Queen of IEEE.. :”)

4. psychopathya - October 14, 2009

Bashar, now that’s a good one! lol I can’t imagine how you looked like during those presentations.. sleeping in 4kh? 7adda second home.

ROFL @ members who didn’t know the computer password!! BEEN THERE! They’d call me during those 3 or 4 times in the semester they decided to contribute to the project, and ask me for the root password.. followed by a series of questions on how to OPERATE on Linux! (some of which I delegated to SOMEONE on this thread :p)..

Dr. Al-Omar taught me Electronics II and he was the reason I started understanding shessalfa! .. His teaching was awesome. Try to remember how you managed to irritate him that much..

5. psychopathya - October 14, 2009

Reverse psychology LOL Khadige :)

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