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My 2009 Wisdoms January 9, 2010

Posted by Khawarizmiya in Psycho.

OK I know this post is like 9 days late, but just felt like writing it..

So here goes my 2009 compiled wisdoms..

1. Fresh basil works pretty great with boneless chicken wings.

2. Lower your expectations out of people, lower the disappointment.

3. Working as a developer sucks…..eventually.

4. When you see the negative signs, don’t ignore them. Sometimes your ‘guts’ know what they’re doin’..

5. Dell owns Vaio big time. More stable, more reliable.

6. The sooner the “No”, the better. Don’t delay the inevitable.

7. Nothing gives you serenity and peace more than does a close bond with Allah.

8. من جاء اليك فرُح اليه…. ومن جافاك فصدّ عنه

9. Always be grateful for the blessings you have. Your health, your family, and whatever it is we keep forgetting about..

10. Facebook’s approach to privacy policies is pretty crappy..

11. People who won’t stand up for you don’t deserve you standing-up for them!

12. Waffles are so easy to make, and taste amazing with chocolate syrup.

13. Don’t write long posts, nobody reads them.

14. The New World Order is for real. But who cares?

15. Don’t write about the New World Order. Nobody cares.

16. Don’t write boring posts about your boring stories. Nobody cares.

17. Don’t write.   Nobody cares!

18. ……………..



1. Someone cares - March 2, 2010

Never Stop Writing :)

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