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More 2009 Lame Wisdoms! January 12, 2010

Posted by Khawarizmiya in Psycho.

Keep writing you say, Eh? Fine.. then here are more of my wisdoms, learnt throughout the year 2009..  hmmm, or not. It might have been 2008, or 07, perhaps 06. Not so sure.. Anyways..

19. IT Consultants are highly overrated.

20. A paper’s first-author is not necessarily the one who put the greatest effort in it.

21. Give more of your time, while you can, to your parents. Seek their ridaa and prayers.

22. A good college GPA serves you pretty well…forever.

23. Oracle’s approach to web development is messy.

24. Although the sooner the “No” the better, still, consider it really well before you let it out.

25. Start worrying when it comes to your knowledge that people of your own religion and/or race are in desperate need of help & support, or facing a disaster somehow, and it means nothing to you.

26. A rejected research paper = a revised, corrected paper for free.

27. The new world order’s twisted agenda is moving forward, worldwide, in a scary pace.

28. The less you listen to music/songs, the easier you absorb the meanings of Quran verses when you listen to them or read them.

29. Twitter is so lame, I totally lost interest in it.

30. Everything in our daily life is implemented using a PL/SQL query, one way or another.



1. khadige - January 13, 2010

:) well thought , well written my friend.

psychopathya - January 16, 2010

:) missing you lots!

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