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Avatar 3D: Masterpiece January 31, 2010

Posted by Khawarizmiya in entertainment, Western Culture.

I had heard many positive reviews about the movie Avatar, before I went to see it. They were mostly about how good the graphics were, and how revolutionary the 3D technology used in the movie was.

I hesitated for few weeks .. I’m not exactly a sci-fi person.

“Blue creatures? Flying Dragons? Gimme a break.”

Blue Creatures - I KNOW!

Visually Stunning Experience

Now that I’ve seen it, I can confidently say that Avatar is by far one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. In fact, it’s like nothing I’ve seen before!! A visually stunning movie by all means. For the first time, I sat there watching flying dragons and blue creatures, not feeling bored or dull AT ALL.  The 3D curved creatures and objects were beyond amazing. Nothing looked fake, they all moved so naturally and realistically. You could almost feel their skin, or climb their trees.

The way events and focus moved from real-life people to 3D Pandora creatures and/or avatars was smooth and charming. I didn’t sense any gaps in between. It was truly extraordinary.

Jake Sully and His Avatar

Shocking Plot!

But the part that impressed and amused me the most about Avatar was the plot. Some reviewers find the plot cheesy, with all the lame human-alien romance stuff, but aside from the romance, the movie included a little of everything else: comedy, action, drama and politics.

Yes, politics, and that’s -surprisingly- the BEST part!  Who could’ve pictured Hollywood producing a movie that openly criticizes the US foreign policy, like has Avatar?  The complete package of injustice practiced by US govt. & army and greedy corporations was pointed out clearly throughout the movie….

Exploitation of natural resources by multinational corporations with established colonies in the invaded countries; the extreme unjustified cruelty practiced by US army towards the natives of the land; the lack of understanding and appreciation of the natives’ sacred spots/objects/figures, and the list goes on.

Cruelty of US Army Exposed

I truly enjoyed watching every minute of the movie. Thank you James Cameron for the wonderful result of 10-years work and preparation of this masterpiece.  (No surprise about it, after all, he is Canadian!)

So, who’s free this weekend? I’m on for a second round…



1. khadige - January 31, 2010

u know. i heard abt it .. and all this ” dajji” .. i said (ma3 inni im not interestd in movies anymore ) maybe its worth it .. i watched the trailer ! i was :| . wt a cheesy alien movie !! .. habaaaaaaaal // but now tht ur saying all this… mmmm. . .then il giv it another thought xD

psychopathya - February 3, 2010

Exactly Khadige me too, I was like ALIENS? NAAAH!
Then my sis and bro took me to watch it and I was truly impressed.

Yalla go see it ;D

2. bloggylife - February 1, 2010

LOL you are biased (No surprise about it, after all, he is Canadian!) :P

The plot was not new at all!

I think this movie is as other movie the first generation in such technology, think “The Matrix”, check out “Sherlock Holmes”, I liked how the movie was directed. Pretty awesome close-up shots too.

psychopathya - February 3, 2010

Sherlock is on my list :D

And YES Canadians are Cool :p

3. marsheee - February 1, 2010

well besides the fact that cameron is Canadian (which i think has nothing to do with why he’s so great) and he is great, all of the things he’s directed/written have been awesome..

he’s done all the terminators, even the Terminator: Sarah Chronicles show which was great but got cancelled cuz ppl r stupid and like to watch stupid stuff like grey’s anatomy..and oh don’t forget Titanic..

and bloggylife, the plot to avatar is pretty new in the fact that it blatantly and so clearly condemns US foreign policy as psycho put it..its there for everyone to see..

and unfortunately psycho, I’ve talked to so many ppl abt the movie here and everyone seems to have gotten distracted with the graphics and the love story..very few ppl got down to what it was really about or what it was really trying to say..its a shame..but hey the graphics were pretty awesome..and just the ideas and details of everything..think about it..this is someone’s imagination someone’s creativity..its pretty impressive

psychopathya - February 3, 2010

Marshee, that’s disappointing!

I wish people had received the message. Even some around here didn’t take notice of any of what we were talking about.. Disappointing!

Totally agree with everything you said.

4. dreamersara - February 1, 2010

I’m IN!

5. nemo - February 3, 2010

i agree with bloggylife :)
i found the plot to be boring ;(

psychopathya - February 3, 2010

I found it anything but boring.
The way the land-owners figured out how to defeat the attackers who came around with their heavy machines and arrogant self-loving mind-sets, reminds me pretty much of lots of what the US army is actually facing nowadays in the lands they’ve invaded.

6. psychopathya - February 3, 2010

Yes I have 2 dragons and 3 unicorns in my backyard.

Amongst all the ones you mentioned, I’ve only seen Syriana and I remember very well how much I resented the way Arabs were shown in that movie. I actually remember George Clooney disrespecting and despising Arabs in it – had me hating him.

7. psychopathya - February 3, 2010

Marshee, good point!!

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