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Taking An Action – Click 1 February 8, 2010

Posted by Khawarizmiya in Psycho.

Take Action Now..

But before you look around you, look inside you.

What do you want to change about you?

What have you been whining about lately, what negative habits have you been talking about wanting to lose?

What plans have you been planning to “start planning for” sometime soon?


Take a Moment.

Don’t think anymore.


Just Take An Action.



1. marsheee - February 10, 2010

hmm..i see the nickelback..but where’s the outlandish???

2. Ash - February 13, 2010

I reiterate: There’s nothing wrong with music!

marsheee - February 13, 2010

first of all, nowhere in this post does anyone say music is wrong. second of all, that it is wrong or not, is a matter of opinion but we won’t get into that cuz none of us (atleast me and psychopathya) are not qualified to make such rulings

BUT, putting rulings of whether music is haram or not aside, isn’t it better that you listen to Quran instead of listening to music? that you repeat quranic verses subconciously instead of humming the tune of a song? and hey, I’m not above reproach here cuz I still listen to music myself..but I would definitely like to someday completely drop music.

That’s all this post (aka psychopathya) is trying to say. TAKE THAT ACTION NOW that you’ve always wanted to take. Don’t procrastinate!

3. DSH - February 18, 2010

El7amdulilah I have taken an action a week ago regarding food:D

As for the music, I’ve taken an action bardo a few weeks ago:)

Continuity is the most important part of the action we usually take!

Jazaki Allhu Khayran for the reminder Psychopathya!

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