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Dubai 2010 – I February 27, 2010

Posted by Khawarizmiya in Dubai, entertainment.

Some good times in Dubai, captured by my first camera.. (true story).

Canon Meets Dubai..

"Dum Dum needs some Gum Gum" -- Aquarium @ Dubai Mall

Dubai Underwater Zoo @ Dubai Mall

Hello Cutie!

Waterfalls @ Dubai Mall

Dubai Ice Rink.... obviously.

Beautiful Scene next to Burj Khaleefa

Burj Khaleefa - It's actually straight.

Dubai Fountain - Simply Magnificent.



1. Lama - February 28, 2010

WOW.. I’m loving the resolution of ur new cam. The waterfall pic in particular :D

2. psychopathya - February 28, 2010

Lamooooosh, means a lot coming from you ;D Shofty how my picture taking skills aren’t so bad? 6ele3t mawheba ya benty :p lol.

3. dreamersara - March 1, 2010

the waterfall is AMAZING!

4. marsheee - March 2, 2010

haha mabrook the new “unsophisticated” canon :D

and hey good picture taking skills..i luv the dum dum want gum gum comment..and those underwater snakes from the aquarium, awesome mashAllah.

haha burj khalifa..i think everyone has pictures of that now..i know I do cuz I took so many while I was there!

but good pictures. remember, always make your camera feel like it has a purpose in this world and treat it well

5. marsheee - March 2, 2010

and lol @ (true story)..never knew u watched how i met your mother..you do right? or am i totally off base?

6. DSH - March 2, 2010

Yeah the waterfall is awesome!:D

7. psychopathya - March 4, 2010

Marshee, I watched you while you met my mother? I think that was like 24 years ago or something, and I was one year old.. can barely remember anything that happened back then..sorry.

hehehe nope you’re totally on-base, you got all my retarded comments..it’s either we’re both equally retarded or both genius.. anyways yep I’ve seen HIMYM and I have no clue why I kept watching even though I thought most of the gigs were naive & stupid! lol. You like?

Thanks for the encouragement.. I’m totally full of myself now.. It wasn’t hard you know, my talent came out so naturally.. I just bonded with that little blue canon so fast.. and every time I clicked to capture sth it came out so great… (ok now you seriously want me to shut up so I will)..

8. psychopathya - March 4, 2010

Thanks Sara & DSH ;)

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