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Occupation 101 May 14, 2011

Posted by Khawarizmiya in Palestine.

“Occupation 101” – this award-winning film about Palestine is very powerful & factual.. exposes many myths about Palestinian-Israeli conflict that westerners are made to believe. Its target audience are Americans, but I found it very useful to watch myself.

يلم وثائقي رائع يعرض تاريخ القضية الفلسطينية ويلخّص وقائعها في تسلسل منطقي وشهادات شخصيات من مختلف الجهات…هدفه الأساسي شرح الانتهاكات الاسرائيلية للمواطن الغربيّ المغيّب عن هذه الانتهاكات وهذه الحقائق.. لكنني اكتشفت انني أيضاً في جهل عن بعضها.. أنصح بشدة بمشاهدتهّّ !!

A brilliant documentary which provides insight into why the Palestinian people have to resort to violence in order to live a normal life. People in the world need to imagine what it would be like in their own countries if they didn’t have access to basic services and were subject to checkpoints throughout their own land. The Palestinians are the INDIGENOUS people of this land and the Israelites had no right to take over a land that does not belong to them. Long live Palestine! 


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