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“Enty min wain?” April 20, 2011

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Having small-talk with a fellow Arab these days is very easy.  

Just use the starter: “So, where are you from?”, despite actually being able to guess the answer to that, 99% of the time.. oh yeah, seriously (at least for someone who has lived in the Middleast long enough; I have negligible failure rates in telling a Masry from a Khaliji from a Falasteeny or a Soory). Anyways, no matter where they’re from, they’re either from an Arabic country that had a revolution, is living a revolution, or is expected to have a revolution.

Yummy falafel sandwich (aka Tamiyah in Egypt)

I decided to try out my first falafel (طعمية بالمصري..فلافل بالشاميّ) sandwich here in Toronto.  “Where are you from?”, asked me the friendly lady at the restaurant. We spent few minutes talking about the Egyptian revolution. I asked her back the same question, turns out she’s from Yemen. We spent another few minutes discussing the events in Yemen that day. The same is repeating almost everywhere.  Middleast revolutions are reshaping the region. Something we’ve been waiting for, for decades. Some Arabs here might be less enthusiastic about this change, having spent most of their lives, if not all of it, distant from the Middleast.. unlike myself.  Many of whom I’ve spoken to were quite morally engaged & excited about the change taking place in the middleast, not only in their homelands, but anywhere in the region. I find the Arabic unity and harmony very inspiring.  

I’m watching Aljazeera TV online as I write this post.  Updates on the revolution aftermath in Egypt.   Before that, were news from Misurata, Libya. And before that, were updates from Ta’iz, Yemen.  No matter where you are, sincere Arabs seeking liberty, my middleastern heart beats for you.

So where am I from? .. The Middleast, indeed.

أنا بنت الشرق الأوســــــط  

Tahrir. April 20, 2011

Posted by Khawarizmiya in Egypt, Middleast.

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….when their brains were thinking outside the dark box that mubarak’s regime enforced on them for 30 yrs, their hearts were fully engaged in a revolution that showed the world the most inspiring images of courage, creativity, faith, compassion, and of course, an amazing sense of humor.   I think Egyptians took ‘thinking outside the box’ to a whole new level.

On Feb 11th, 2011, the people of Egypt wrote an amazing chapter in history.    Never before have I been this much proud of being an Egyptian.

الشعب العظيم….أسقط النظام

إذا الشعب لم يرد الحياة! February 6, 2011

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My message to the brave people of Egypt. Please keep asking for a decent, free life. You deserve it!

قالوا إذا الشعبُ يوماً أرادَ الحياة..

فلا بدّ أن يستجيب القدرْ.


وإن لمْ يردْ؟

قالوا وأنّى لهُ؟

وبالأمس القريب..

كانَ “يومُ غضبْ”!

في ساحة التحرير..

من كل ركنٍ بعيدٍ،

جاء الشعبُ، وللحقّ انتفضْ.

يطلب الحرية..

يريدُ اسقاطَ النظام..

بعد أن تجبّر في الأرضِ أعواماً..

فعاش الشعبُ في كبَدْ!

أما كانتْ بالأمسِ، “جمعة غضبْ”؟

في ساحة التحرير..

سجدت الجباه..

وخفضت الأصوات..

وخشعتْ القلوبُ لله وبكتْ؟


وإن لمْ يردْ؟

وإنْ شنّ عليهِ النظامُ حرباً..

بعد يومِ الغضبْ؟

فأرسل البلطجيّة..

وفرسانَ الخيلِ والجمال

فسالَ الدمُ في ساحة التحرير..

وتسلّل في النفوسِ عَتبْ؟


ولمَ العتبْ؟

ألم يكنْ الشعب يريدُ الحياةَ؟

ألم يرفض العنفَ مراراً..

وبالسِّلمِ رَغِبْ؟


لقدْ بثّ النظامُ سمومَهُ..

فأوهمَ الشعبَ أنّ ساحة التحرير…


وأنّ طلب الحريّة..

شَغَبْ !!

قالوا.. ما لشعب الكنانةِ..

أن يصدّق هذا الكذبْ.

أما كان بالأمس

“جمعة الرحيلٍ”

وبالغَدِ صُمودٌ..وجَلَدْ؟


ان شاء الله يكونْ.

حتّى وإن طالَ الأمدْ.

فالشعب إذا لمْ يرد الحياة يوماً..

فلا خيرَ فيها.. ولا سَعَدْ!

كتب في 5 فبراير 2011