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The Glorious Battle of Mo’ta – Snapshot. March 30, 2007

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From: http://www.amrkhaled.net/articles/articles1150.html

The army went to Mo’ta, where they had information about Ghasasena. As Ghasasena knew the Prophet (SAWS) prepared an army to fight them, they also prepared an army of 100,000 fighters. Yet, fearing the strong undefeated army of Muslims, Ghasasena demanded support from the Romans who sent them 100,000 fighters. The 200,000 included 50,000 horsemen. Thus, Zayd gathered the army to consult them. They had three options:

1- To return to the Prophet and explain the situation. They all rejected this option because they could not disobey the Prophet’s orders and leave without taking revenge for their killed brother.

2- To send to the Prophet asking for support. This was not applicable because there were no more fighters in Madinah.

3- Facing the enemies, which was extremely hard.

Abdullah Ibn Rawaha began to encourage them and flame their enthusiasm, telling them that they were fighting for martyrdom supported by their faith and religion. However, Muslims set a genius plan despite their small number. They thought that if they faced the enemy’s army in the open desert, they would all get killed in a few minutes. Hence, they had to be surrounded inside a small town, to be protected from the right and left by trees, and from the back by houses. Accordingly, the enemies would be forced to face them from the front only, and with the same number. See how faith and planning integrate to make success. Religion leads to success and reform, so we have to use it right. Zayd took the army to the town of Mo’ta to make the plan. Ghasasena and the Romans had to reorganize their armies in order to face Muslims. They set their armies in groups of 3000 fighters behind each other, and the result was that the army was useless except for the first group. Yet, the problem was that those groups would exchange places to refresh their powers, but Muslims did not have this luxury. In this context faith played a key role!

The battle continued for six days, and the Muslim army was victorious. Hundreds of Romans were killed, while only 12 Muslims were martyred. On the sixth day the Roman leader decided to change their plan. He thought that to defeat the Muslims, the fighter carrying the flag should be killed. That was Zayd Ibn Haretha. Thus, as the battle resumed on the sixth day, all the Romans targeted Zayd until his body was like a sieve and he fell in his place. Do you how such a man acted and how he shouldered the message? Brothers! We should at least maintain Fajr prayer.