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Everybody loves a cup of JAVA. February 16, 2009

Posted by Khawarizmiya in Java, recovered from blogspot.
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[JJ.JPG]As a Java-Junkie* who has been programming in Java for more than 3 years now in different areas including web-based & database applications, client/server applications, data mining, text mining, multi-threading, wireless simulations and others, I believe I’ve been exposed to the glory of programming in this language more than I should’ve.

I have poor knowledge of .NET technologies, especially C#. I read PHP for dummies some time ago and got the basics (at the time), but never applied or practiced any. Among OOP languages I’ve only programmed in C++ and Java. I’ve done small projects back in college in Lisp and Prolog, written some Perl & shell scripts, and worked on some TCL scripts for NS-2 simulations. NOTHING appealed to me more than has Java. No language ever made more sense. (given a static compiler of course, I hate coding without static compiling & shortcuts.. Gets on my nerves). My friends mock my passion for Java, and I don’t blame them. I do sound extraordinary excited when I’m discussing something Java-related (they should see me teaching it to my students when I was a Java TA in college**), and I do look extraordinary attached when I’m on my laptop coding some Java program.. It just makes sense. (I was one step away from asking a technical Java consultant in Gitex conference for his autograph..).

I do get into debates from time to time with junkies of other languages; PHP, if we’re discussing web development, or C++, if it’s OOP languages in general or ACM problems solving in particular. Oh, not to mention the PL/SQL – Java discussions since Oracle is moving from Forms – PL/SQL to ADF – J2EE based applications.

Anyways, I believe I must admit, the fact that I’m familiar with Java and feel confident coding it is really what makes me favor it over other languages. I dislike what I don’t know, and I cannot judge what I don’t know! I’m not a fan of PHP but simply because I haven’t explored it or familiarized myself with it, yet. My poor knowledge or practice of other languages contributes in my favoring of Java over the rest. Except for C++ maybe, I think if I were a C++ guru I’d still hate it.. (yeah, you heard me.. you and your pathetic pointers, and your strcat.. Who names a functionstrcat anyways? Who calls a function a function in the first place? Too classical, yuck).

Anyways -is it just me or do I keep anywaysing all the time?-, I liked this quote about preferring one language to another when developing a project:

How do you decide between C#, Java, PHP, and Python? The only real difference is which one you know better. If you have a serious Java guru on your team who has build several large systems successfully with Java, you’re going to be a hell of a lot more successful with Java than with C#, not because Java is a better language (it’s not, but the differences are too minor to matter) but because he knows it better.   — Joel Spolsky, 2006

So true!!

*I’m a Java-Junkie in all its possible interpretations: the coffee, and the language.


Java Tutorial (2) – Put Your Comment! March 6, 2007

Posted by Khawarizmiya in college, Java, memoir, recovered from blogspot.
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Assalam Alaykom,

So, The End of the Java Tutorial series ;) I think today’s was a lot better, considering that the students’ faces looked more satisfied this time ;) I decided to change the Approach this time. In the first section I used to explain a certain point then apply it on Eclipse by writing a code that illustrates this point and then executing it.

I got complaints after the First tutorial about two things.. First some students said that I type too fast and they cant keep up, and the ones sitting in the back said they cant see the text clearly, they couldnt follow up as well. So this time I decided to explain the rest of the topics in the Manual I prepared on the BOARD instead. And believe it or not, the old style worked a lot better!

Anyway, I dont think I have the right to judge myself or evaluate my first tutorial ;) I’ll email the students and ask them to put their comments here so I can look back at them 5 years from now and laugh so hard.

So waiting for your comments here….be honest, be fair ;)\

Edit: This post had 11 comments from my students, on Blogspot — lost them all.  Sniff.

Java Tutorial (1) March 5, 2007

Posted by Khawarizmiya in college, Java, memoir, recovered from blogspot.
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Assalam Alaykom,

[Java.jpg]This is Engineer N. speaking ;p lol. Well lets see. First of all Alhamdulellah things went smoothly to a reasonable extent. I had worries regarding the laboratory we’re going to use and the Data show availability, but both issues were solved. The number of students registered had increased by the actual time of the tutorial to 50 students, almost half of them at 12.30pm and the other at 5pm.

@ 12.30pm
I turned on the data show, turned off the lights and took a deep breath.
The lab was full, about 75% girls and 25% guys. I usually think that the girls are pretty much talkative, more than guys, but in this lab the guys proved they can be talkative as well. I distributed the manual I had prepared for them and asked everybody to be quiet so we can start. (actually I sort of clapped my hands and said “shshshsh” LOOL).

They all paid attention -thankfully-, and so the class started. I went through the basics of Java installation, Java I/Os, class String, Random Numbers, and some other topics I cant remember.
The guys were the ones asking Questions all the way. To tell you the truth having a student ask you a question about something they dont understand feels kind of good. The feeling that OK, there’s someone listening to what I’m saying out there! lol. I wasnt annoyed as I thought I would be. Maybe sometimes when I felt like the Qs are just being asked to waste time..but Watever.

One time this guy asked me to explain a certain point again so I did, then I offered -out of my generosity- to explain the preceding point, He said ma ma3naah..(No you took too much time in explaining that one) lol.. CONFUSION.

Anyway Tomorrow is my next and final episode in the Tutorial. I will ask them afterwards to post their comments here if they didnt mind ;)

To all professors, TAs, any teachers out there, God bless you. didnt know teaching can be such a burden ;)

Java Tutorial Night March 3, 2007

Posted by Khawarizmiya in college, Java, memoir, recovered from blogspot.
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Assalam Alaykom,
I know I’m making this sound like a big deal, but yeah its kind of new for me ;) Tomorrow insh’Allah if things go smoothly I’ll be giving a tutorial about “Java for Beginners”, with the ACM Society. Just the basic concepts. Up to this point about 35 students have registered to take the tutorial, I’ll be dividing them into two sections. It feels important saying such stuff ;p

Anyway, I pray that it turns out for the best, for everyone Insha’Allah ;)
I’ve prepared a manual for the students; I think I know many of them but not very well. I hope they dont ask me embarrassing Questions or dont understand what I’m saying and give me blank faces all the way. hehehehe..Watever!

Engineer N :p