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Outlandish: ROCK ALL DAY! December 8, 2009

Posted by Khawarizmiya in entertainment, music.
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Rock All Day, Makes Me Feel Good!

Where do we go, from here my baby?
Underground or crossover maybe,
Left right left, my way or the highway,
Better yet let’s not worry about it!


And so Outlandish declare in their outstanding single, Rock All Day, that it makes’em feel good.  The same song appeared afterwards in their latest album, Sound of a Rebel, along with other songs like Keep the Record on Play, whose chorus says:

Keep the record on play, Yeah
No matter, no matter what they say,
I got the remedy for you,
Everybody turn the radio up!

Other songs in their new album included The Emperor’s New Beat and Let Off Some Steam.  To be honest, I can’t help but notice the unusual level of shallowness in most of their new songs’ lyrics.

Outlandish have always been one of my favorite bands. I loved their outstanding rhythms, the amusing combination of eastern and western flavors in their music, but most of all, I ADORED their meaningful, thoughtful songs lyrics – most of the time.

From “Closer Than Veins”, to Rockin’ All Day?

I mean, I can’t help comparing their new album to the one they released in 2005, Closer Than Veins, and wondering: what went wrong?   I mean seriously, it was amazing. The words were simply BEAUTIFUL.

Talk about downcasting. From defending the rights of the children of Palestine in Look Into My Eyes (Video), to Keepin the record on play all night?

From encouraging submission and devotion to God in their beautiful I Only Ask of God, to loud rockin’ beats of I-wanna-rock-all-day-if-ya-know-wat’am-sayin’?   Come-On. Since when has rockin’ all day brought any real, lasting happiness to anyone? It might bring a temporary feeling of happiness that fades away shortly. Some music sucks out the serenity of the soul -gradually- leaving it sometimes craving for more, stronger beats, and never really reaching true spiritual satisfaction.

Anyways, to be fair, some of the tracks in the new album are nice. Overall I liked the rhythm in about 3 of them, 2 of which had also touching, nice words, like Feels Like Savin’ The World (Video) and Always Remember which I found kind of tender and sweet…  But still, they’re nothing compared to the tenderness in Callin’ U, I’ve Seen or Beyond Words (Closer Than Veins). I’m sorry, Outlandish. I’m a little disappointed.

I leave you with some beautiful words from Any Given Time (Closer Than Veins), describing the almighty Lord..

mercy without boasting
gifts without terms
goodness without anger
forgive without reason
any given time
I do my best to strive
in Your name I rise
the apple of my eye

even when Im not alone you’re closer than the veins in my neck
even when Im all alone

even when Im in sleep you’re closer than the veins in my neck
even when Im in it so deep

even when Im all gone you’re closer than the veins in my neck
even as im singin this song