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Feb 10, 2009 February 10, 2009

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24 years ago, on this day, at this time, a beautiful woman in one of the Hospitals of Kuwait gave birth to a baby girl. Life was born. A book was open, two angels were assigned to report every small detail this creature does or says, good or bad.

Facts about this creature’s life were written.. including its share of wealth and health in this life. Some dates were assigned.. including the day on which this creature eventually dies; when the two angels stop writing, and other types of angels take over to carry this creature’s soul back to its Creator, and from there either to Heaven or Hell. Every year, on February 10th, this creature grows one year older & closer to its final destination.

Anyways, Happy Birthday to me! If you are interested in seeing my humble wish list, it only contains one item. E-mail me privately for my Bank account number. Thank you in advance!


It’s a Small, Bad World — II February 5, 2009

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Don’t misunderstand me.

As days went by, I’ve become –gradually- a less considerate, more insensitive person. Most of the times I’m kidding, thinking that my sense of humor is appealing to everyone else, forgetting that not everyone is equally close to me and would actually get me, but sometimes things get serious. Naturally, I would justify such situations in which I behaved rudely or inconsiderately some way or another with other people, by claiming that they deserved it –which they most probably did *tongue out*-, but again, isn’t that just really typical? Isn’t it typical to hear justifications of all different kinds and levels from mean people who’ve caused harm to others? Hamas Rockets are a live example of such lame justifications, and I’m not comparing myself to Israel.. Just saying.

OK, let’s put the facts together.

There exist situations where I’ve been inconsiderate with people, selfish, and put myself first. For all these situations I believe I had justified my behavior to myself by thinking either A) they deserved it, or that B) Ideserved indulging myself or C) both. Now when I try to re-evaluate these situations again, I realize that.. they deserved MORE! In fact, the level of my rudeness is totally INCOMPARABLE to how I’ve been treated! And some people out there just totally fail to understand that. They could judge you for doing the smallest things but forget that they did/are doing a lot more worse! They forget that their irresponsible, selfish behavior in the first place is what makes others react accordingly. Sometimes one thinks s/he is in need for closure, and thinks that revenge or getting equal would bring closure, but I highly doubt that.

The question is, am I doubting it because I’m not courageous enough to do otherwise, or is this good nature (a)?

Update, on Feb 7, 2009

I never really knew that the name Al-Jabbar (الجبار), one of God’s 99 Holy names, has this deeply inspiring meaning (I’ll post the translation if I find a good one soon):

فيقال الجبار على المعنى الأول: (عائد إلى اسم الرؤوف).-المصلح أمور خلقه فهو الذي يدبر الضعيف وكل قلب منكسر لأجله , فيجبرالكسير ويغني الفقير وييسر على المعسر كل عسير , وهو الذي يجبر أصحابالمصيبات ويوفقهم على الثبات , ويعوضهم الأجر ويعوضهم في هذه الدنيا إنهم صبروا وثبتوا ولم يبد من أحد منهم جزعا ولا تسخط , كما أنه سبحانه يجبر قلوب الخاضعين لعظمته وجلاله وقلوب المحبين بما بفيض عليهم من أنواع كراماته وأصناف المعارف والأحوال الإيمانية , وإذا دعا الداعي فقال اللهم اجبرني فإنه يريد هذا الجبر الذي حقيقته إصلاح العبد ودفع جميع المكاره عن

Follow Up February 2, 2009

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I have just practically started my winter break few days ago –with respect to my graduate studies not with respect to my work. I still work in the day-time, but just now I realized how precious it is to have some spare time in the evenings, with no classes to attend, no graduate courses projects to work on, and no researching tasks to do! (I apologize from my Advisor if he is reading this post).  Not that this previous semester wasn’t fun, not at all. On the contrary, it was extremely interesting. Algorithmsapproximation was a new topic to me and a new experience. We coded one of the proposed approximations in the literature to an NP-hard problem, in Java language *smiles*. The results were disappointing though to some extent, but reading what Jorge Cham had to say about approximation made me feel better. (Sorry again).

Being a good physicist is knowing how to approximate — You have to decide what is important and what can be ignored. We throw out equation terms all the time, in quantum physics everything is possible, but not everything is likely.

My background in wireless routing protocols was quite poor before working on the Wireless Networks project, I learned a lot from that one as well. Again, it involved Java programming *smiles*, using the Java-based JiST/SWANS package for wireless network simulation. I was also officially done with my Masters project work & Seminar; that was FUN!

It’s a Small, Bad World January 27, 2009

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When I was a kid, bad people existed only in T.V. shows.

Everyone else in the ‘real’ world were simply as ‘good’ as I believed myself to be. I wished no real harm for anyone (unless you consider hiding my toys from my siblings ‘real’ harm). I wanted people around me to be happy and satisfied, and so did everyone else, in my limited perspective back then. As time went by, situations started to take place where the other party seemed to care less about my own good, care more about theirs. I had my share of that as well. Everyone does. What I didn’t have is the urge to be mean to others, to see them hurt, one way or another. In fact, it killed me to see someone angry with me. Blame was one of my worst nightmares. I was not angelic or anything close to it; I just didn’t like the feeling of seeing people upset. (It could be frown-o-phobia). Years pass by, and you find yourself in situations that can only be described as disappointing, rather shocking. New words get introduced to your dictionary of ‘real’ words, such as hypocrites, cheaters, jealousy, hatred. Shocking, because the kid inside of you who thinks all other people don’t want to see you upset too, suddenly finds out that’s not very true (that one rhymed, could work for a poem some other time). And disappointing, simply, because your expectations of people usually start very high before you get the enough life-experience to lower them down, and down, and down.. The damage, however, grew more severely with time. I was not ‘severely’ hurt when I found out that people can dislike you or even hate you just because you’re always first in class, and for no other obvious reason! (yeah, I was showing off right there, couldn’t miss the opportunity). It grows as you get older, as the situations become more serious and touch more critical aspects of your life.

The ‘severity’ grows from green, to blue, to orange, to yellow.. yes, I pretty much hate yellow so it goes on top of the scale. Yellow.. is when you, or someone close to you, is stabbed in the back by people they trusted with their souls. I said someone close to you because not all the situations that shape our personalities and conventions are those that we have experienced personally. For me, it was a mixture of both that made me realize that it’s a Small, Bad World.

Truth About Hamas Rockets. January 13, 2009

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I was wrong.
The truth about those Hamas rockets article reminded me that I was wrong.

“The [Palestinian] Kassam [rockets] have terrorized the 25,000 people in Sderot and its environs, but have caused very, very few deaths or serious wounds. By contrast, Israel has terrorized 1.5 million Gazans, locked them inside their awfully narrow borders, throttled their economy, and killed and seriously wounded thousands of them”

There is a lot to be said about Gazza. And not just about people being murdered in massacres, & the stories of babies being found next to their dead moms, starving to death, the thousands of people leaving their unsafe homes, etc.

Hamas rockets.. the justification of this war, massacre to be more accurate, and hence Hamas’s responsibility of all the disasters taking place. Hamas rockets? Have those rockets caused the death of more than 900 civilians in a matter of 10 days? Or even close to that number over the past 50 years? No even close.

Are they being punished for their desperate attempts to fight against the occupation of their land, the murder and torture of their people? Come to think about it, had the name of Ismael Haneyya be William Wallace for instance, the World would’ve made a national hero out of him, and his people. His people.. err.. Sorry, not even their people are standing beside them. Arab governments are in fact taking part and playing a fascinating role in the happening of those massacres.. Pathetic.

Comprehensive Exam Night February 17, 2008

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Salam Alaykom,
The Gmail mess turned out to be
Fast Telco’s fault (my ISP), not the Gmail dudes.
I have a MS Comprehensive Exam tomorrow, have been studying for almost 3 weeks, it all comes down to this day, tomorrow. Wish me God’s guidance and help; it is 70% written 30% Oral. Results are only Pass/Fail. I will post the result here as soon as I know it. I hope I pass inshallah, just got some pipelining sections to revise and few chapters in Data Structures and Algorithms that I’ve totally forgot by now especially Graph operations and trees..Mmmm what else, oh I think I need to study process synchronization again from Operating Systems.. if I had the time..

Oh God..I think I have a lot of work to do :/ Catchya later.

Truth About Iraq by a US Soldier January 25, 2008

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Prison Break S03 October 12, 2007

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Well, finally! [prison_break_season_3.jpg]

Prison Break Season 3 episodes are beginning to become available in the black market :p After watching two episodes though I became more positive that season 1 will always remain the best ever.. It’s like they are running out of ideas or something! I’m not saying the episodes i’ve seen from S03 are bad, bel3aks they’re really good and as usual, Sentora guy is surprising us with unexpected twists in the story..BUT!

1. Sona prison is too dirty and disgusting, hate it. Fox river is like a Spa compared to it.
2. Michael Schofield is exaggerating in the dramatic whispering tone in his voice, u hardly hear wat he’s saying..
3. Missing Dr. Sara! She was the best..
4. Some events are happening that are not well justified..it’s like u start wondering, where did this come from and how did he do that?.. the sequence of events and plots in s01 and s02 made a lot more sense to me, they were brilliant.

I think its obvious that im bored to death! yaaaaaaaaaawn.. im not sure how to wrap up this stupid post.. so see ya!

Eid Mubarak October 12, 2007

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Eid Mubarak!
Taqabbal Allah 6a3atkom and may this Eid bring blessings from Allah into our lives and to the Islamic Nation insha’Allah.

The past 10 days were the best.. more precisely, the past 10 nights. The serenity in qeyam prayers and Quran-reading, e3tekaf, do3a2, all of this was just amazing. I wish that we can continue doing this, and continue living those glorious moments of submission to God, reading His words and asking him for the pleasures of this life and the next.

تراويح هنية October 2, 2007

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haneyaعند عودتي الليلة من صلاة التراويح في المسجد المجاور لمنزلنا, سمعت صوتا يصدر من شاشة التلفاز لشيخ يقرأ القرآن بصوت جميل عذب, يؤمّ المصلين في المسجد. عجبت من جمال صوته و قراءته المقتنة و المحكمة لآيات القران الكريم و تلاوته العذبة الصافية المليئة بمعاني الخشوع و الخضوع لله تعالى.. لعل دهشتي تلك لم تكن لتصيبني لو كان الرجل الذي يؤم المصلين ذاك امام مسجد أو رجل دين, لكنه لم يكن كذلك..بل لم يكن رجلا موظفا عاديا أو حتى مديرا عاما.. لقد كان رئيس وزراء حكومة حماس في غزة, أجل كان اسماعيل هنية..

لم الدهشة؟ لعلي لم أتعوّد على رؤية السياسيين في بلادنا العربية يصلون في المساجد, فكيف لا أعجب أن رئيس وزراء عربي يؤمّ الناس في التراويح بل و يعطّر الأسماع بصوت عذب يصل الى القلوب قبل الآذان, و دعاءٍ معبّر تدمع منه الاعين خضوعا للمولى عز و جلّ و ابتهالا له , و طلبا للمغفرة و النصر على الأعداء.

تذكرّت الخلفاء الراشدين.. و لا أزكي على الله أحدا, لكنني تذكرت أن خلفاءنا كانوا ائمة المسلمين في شؤون دينهم و دنياهم معا, فكان الخلفاء الراشدون من بعد رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم يأمّون المسلمين في الصلاة, بل ان سيدنا عمر الخطاب رضي الله عنه , استشهد و هو يؤم المسلمين في صلاة الفجر.. لقد كانوا بحقّ عباقرة في السياسة و الحكم و الحرب لكن ذلك لم يشغلهم عن اقامة شعائر الدين في دولة الاسلام, ليضربوا للعاللم أروع مثال في رجال ملكوا الدنيا في أيديهم لا في قلوبهم, و جعلوا القران دستورهم, و الجنة هدفهم.

و أخيرا, نصرك الله يا هنية.. و ثبّت قلوب المجاهدين المرابطين في سبيل الله , فأهل فلسطين هم في رباط دائم الى يوم القيامة كما وصفهم رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم..