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My Favorite Publication! October 17, 2009

Posted by Khawarizmiya in college, memoir, research.
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I’ve been delighted recently by Dr. Khaled Mahdi‘s visit to my humble blog.

I have published a post earlier this year about My First Publication, but never got the opportunity to talk about the rest of them.  Today I choose to write this post about my favorite publication, so far.

The reason this paper is really special to me is that it primarily presents a major part of my master’s research work. I’ve put a considerable effort in understanding the involved aspects of the problem (still can’t get a full grasp of it, though!).



The work can be summarized as follows: the usage of an evolutionary algorithm in the enhancement of a Social Network structure, subject to a number of constraints, with respect to this network’s robustness.

Terror Networks

The discussion in the literature about the robustness of a network can be found correlated to the analysis of so-called terror networks.  The objectives included attempts to study the coherence and/or resilience of such networks to external attacks or internal failures.  Extensions to this idea imposed a more general question: How can you study the robustness of a network in the first place? What metrics will you rely on? How can you quantify it? What is an optimally robust network? How does it look like?  How can you build one up? … etc.

The topic was extremely appealing to me.  And what made things more fun, is that this paper was accepted in a conference in Portugal, last June, 2009 (IADIS/WBC); same conference where one of my best friends, Lama, had her masters research paper accepted as well.  Yes, what a pleasant surprise it was :)  And what an extraordinary experience we had.

WBC 2009 Algarve - Portugal

WBC 2009 Algarve - Portugal

Paper Title: Cyclic Entropy Optimization of a Scale-Free Social Network using Evolutionary Algorithm

Authors: M. Safar, (Myself), K. Mahdi

Link: Not available yet! (e-mail me for questions).

My First Publication. February 18, 2009

Posted by Khawarizmiya in college, recovered from blogspot, research.

Finally, my first published work has been officially uploaded to the online IEEE Xplore library.


"N" is My Name, Smart is My Game.

Title: Automatic Placement of Actors within Wireless Sensor-Actor Networks.

Conference: ATNAC (Australasian Telecomm. Networking and Application Conference) 2008.

Update: e-mail me for full text, if interested.