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“Enty min wain?” April 20, 2011

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Having small-talk with a fellow Arab these days is very easy.  

Just use the starter: “So, where are you from?”, despite actually being able to guess the answer to that, 99% of the time.. oh yeah, seriously (at least for someone who has lived in the Middleast long enough; I have negligible failure rates in telling a Masry from a Khaliji from a Falasteeny or a Soory). Anyways, no matter where they’re from, they’re either from an Arabic country that had a revolution, is living a revolution, or is expected to have a revolution.

Yummy falafel sandwich (aka Tamiyah in Egypt)

I decided to try out my first falafel (طعمية بالمصري..فلافل بالشاميّ) sandwich here in Toronto.  “Where are you from?”, asked me the friendly lady at the restaurant. We spent few minutes talking about the Egyptian revolution. I asked her back the same question, turns out she’s from Yemen. We spent another few minutes discussing the events in Yemen that day. The same is repeating almost everywhere.  Middleast revolutions are reshaping the region. Something we’ve been waiting for, for decades. Some Arabs here might be less enthusiastic about this change, having spent most of their lives, if not all of it, distant from the Middleast.. unlike myself.  Many of whom I’ve spoken to were quite morally engaged & excited about the change taking place in the middleast, not only in their homelands, but anywhere in the region. I find the Arabic unity and harmony very inspiring.  

I’m watching Aljazeera TV online as I write this post.  Updates on the revolution aftermath in Egypt.   Before that, were news from Misurata, Libya. And before that, were updates from Ta’iz, Yemen.  No matter where you are, sincere Arabs seeking liberty, my middleastern heart beats for you.

So where am I from? .. The Middleast, indeed.

أنا بنت الشرق الأوســــــط  


Sincerely. November 24, 2010

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Call me insensitive, but I don’t miss you.

Or don’t call me at all.

After all, I don’t miss you.

I cherish our memories,

but I don’t miss you.

Don’t judge me.  Just answer me.

How did your company, inspire me?

how did your words, enlighten me?

have you ever challenged my mind;

had it up all night,

prospering,  comprehending,

or thinking of solutions,

to a nation so left behind

or how that reflects, on you and me?

Have you ever nurtured my soul?

enriched my spirituality,

took me one step closer to decent levels of serenity?

Don’t blame me because I don’t miss you.

Just give me a good reason,  to miss you.

Tell me what I learned from you.

Show me,

how the lack of your company,  harms me.

Surely, you being there, sometimes helped me.

But with all sincerity, I still don’t miss you.


Give me better, stronger reasons to miss you.

Take my address, and send me,

a box of  blueberry muffins

maybe then, just maybe,

I’ll have one good reason,

to miss you.

Toronto, Eh? October 8, 2010

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Academia VS Industria March 19, 2010

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First of all, there is no such thing as Industria. I just made it up. But it does sound catchy though…

So anyways.. we’re done with master’s. Kuwait University has officially issued our graduation certifices – a year later. What next?

There seems to be a common confusion among master’s degree holders.

To Academics, or To Not Academics..

Between pursuing an academic oriented career, such as working on a Phd degree and/or working in research jobs, and, working in the industry, which in our case translates to: developers, programmers, web administrators, system administrators, network administrators, database administrators, or, perhaps heading to a management oriented career, etc.

I’ve discussed this topic with many friends of mine over the past year. Clearly each decision encloses a number of pros & cons. Which of these pros do you like more, and which cons are you willing to undertake for one choice more than the other, is not the only factor on which you make such a decision, but it’s an important one.

Academia vs Football


I’ve compiled this humble checklist that might shed some light on the matter, of course take notice that these points are stemmed from my own personal experience and may not apply to many industry jobs/academia circumstances.

A. Questions More Related to Academia..

  1. Do you enjoy researching a topic of your interest (for 25 years :p)?
  2. You might find yourself going in-depth into theoretical issues, are you OK with that? Or are you seeking real-time applications development only?  (maybe not applicable for all areas of interest)
  3. Do you like having to work within a unified theme (aka area of interest), or would you prefer a career that might possibly transition you from one area to another, according to market need, as long as you’re learning a new technology?
  4. Which imposes the question: in terms of learning new things, would you rather learn a new technology or a new way to improve the underlying algorithm complexity of some process out there?
  5. Are you a good reader – don’t mind reading lengthy papers?
  6. Do you acquire good writing skills or find yourself willing to do that, and don’t mind writing lengthy reports/papers/articles/proposals, etc?  (sometimes applies for industry though)
  7. Are you in favor of individual-work or group-work? OK, I know that research involves group-work but overall I think it involves lot more individuality than does industry.
  8. Would you rather spend your weekends writing the first few lines of a paper introduction or go out and have fun with friends?  :P
  9. Do you have good teaching skills? Do you not resent the idea of having to teach one day, besides researching?
  10. Does research inspire you?  Does Google Scholar mean anything to you? Does the hard work of other researchers out there strongly motivate you and inspire you to become a part of a real, huge, worldwide research community?
  11. Do you have a life?  Like do you really really need to go to the gym or go out with friends? Or can you give that up for the upcoming..say..35 years?
  12. :P

B. Questions More Related to Industria (within IT)…

  1. Do you find yourself capable of handling the IT tension? For example, are you the type that panics easily if the system crashed? & How do you handle bugs?  Especially your own? ;)
  2. Is your mind-set fit to absorb IT architectures/frameworks?
  3. Do you find yourself eager to learn more about what you’re doing; expand your knowledge in the line of development that you’ve undertaken, or does it bore you easily?  Do you think that switching to another line of career might help?
  4. Do you like dealing with IT people: managers, co-workers, trainees, CEOs, admins, DBAs?  OK Sorry let me rephrase that: Are you capable of dealing with them, or would you prefer to be working in a research lab where your audience are somehow more limited..
  5. Do you see yourself where you are, 10 years from now? Do you have a well studied plan to advance in the hierarchy of IT jobs: perhaps a team leader, then a project manager, etc?
  6. Do you see yourself regretting not joining the line of Academics, 5 years from now?
  7. Are you comfortable working in IT?
  8. Do you like cheese?
  9. If Donald Duck and Robin Hood had a fight, who would win?
  10. Are you still reading these questions? I ran out of them and I’m just saying anything..

I think the most important question of all can be the following.. Where do you see yourself excelling more? In which area will you be more capable of serving the world, your nation, yourself, better?  What is it out there that triggers your hidden talents and pushes you to work at your optimum levels?

Please, if you have any other questions in mind that might help, do raise them here. I know a lot of people, including myself, who will appreciate it!

2010 January 1, 2010

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When I was first asked about my resolutions for 2010, the first thought that crossed my mind was to work hard on strengthening my bond with Allah.

A bond which -when strong- brings peace & serenity to one’s heart and soul.. In fact, I can’t think of a time in my life I felt more content and stable than that when I felt closest to God — relatively speaking.

I’m not going to elaborate on 2010’s resolutions, but one thing I know for sure, there is no other relationship that should deserve as much attention and effort put into it as does our relationship with our own Creator.

Every day in 2010 willl bring us closer to the day we meet Him. May every day in 2010 bring our hearts closer to Him as well..  Amen.

"The Way of Life" - Mohammed W.B. (c)

Starting Over August 22, 2009

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In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful..

Here I go again.

After three years of blogging on Blogspot then losing my blog due to a technical error, I had almost given up.
Thanks to friends who sincerely encouraged me to start over, I’m here again. I did successfully recover many posts from the cached pages of the old blog on the web and re-posted them under their corresponding categories, plus one more new category: recovered from blogspot.

So! Let’s do this again, shall we.. Only this time I sincerely hope my posts find a way to be more insightful and meaningul to whoever decides to read them.

So, welcome to my blog. Welcome to my world.

الزهايمر March 30, 2007

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The Play Poster

نالت اعجاب الجميع الحمد لله منهم أنا.

أما الزهايمر..

فقد كتبت ليكون لها هدف أخر و رسالة مختلفة. لا ليست للتوعية من مرض الزهايمر العضوي..انه الوجه الاخر من المرض , انه الزهايمر الذي أصاب قلوبنا فنسينا أو تناسينا أهم قضية تواجه أمتنا الاسلامية المستهدفة.. فلسطين.

انها قصة أب فلسطيني لثلاثة أبناء (2 منهم مصريين مش عارفة ازاي) , يعيش كل منهم في عالم منفصل لا يرى فيه الا مصلحته. فمنهم من يبحث عن فتاة أحلامه ليعيش قصة حب و منهم من كرس وقته لجمع المال و ادارة الأعمال. أعجبني في القصة حسن اختيار الممثلين حقيقة لأداء تلك الأدوار, و حسن ادائهم بالفعل حيث كان واضحا اختلاف الشخصيات و توزيعها بحيث كان بامكان أي مشاهد أن يجد نفسه في أحدهم أو بعضا مما يشكل شخصياتهم.

يحاول جهاز الاستخبارات الاسرائيلي (المكوّن من شخصين) أن يسخّر هؤلاء الشباب ليعملوا لصالحه, بينما يكشف الأب خططهم و يحاول احباطها.. تنتهي المسرحية باستشهاد الوالد و عندها يدرك الشباب حقيقة عدوهم..عدو الأمة. هذا كان مختصرا لقصة المسرحية.

أعجبني أن المسرحية هذه المرة كانت ذو هدف سامٍ.. بغض النظر عن اطالة بعض المشاهد زيادة عن اللزوم, و عدم اتقان البعض أدوارهم, و أن المسرحية قاربت ال3 ساعات , و أن بعض المشاهد كانت مملة أو مكررة.. كفاية كده.

لكن الحق يقال, جهد مشكور و سعي مأجور ان شاء الله. و جزاهم الله عنا خيرا. لقد أعجبني و الله عدد من المشاهد كذلك الذي صور لنا مقهى ستار بكس اليهودي و بين لنا أهدافه بطريقة مضحكة و ممتعة, قد يؤثر في الشباب و يزيد من نسبة وعيهم بأمر كهذا على سبيل المثال. كما تخلل المسرحية عرض لفيديو قامت بتنفيذه ضحى شبير و صورت لنا فيه مشاهد الانتفاضة الفلسطينة لتذكرنا بما يدور في أرض الميعاد كل يوم لاخواننا و اخواتنا الفلسطنيين.. نصرهم الله و أعاننا على نصرتهم ان شاء الله.