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Women in IT April 24, 2007

Posted by Khawarizmiya in Psycho, recovered from blogspot, Women in IT.
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2012..not bad..that’s five years from my Graduation.
It’s nice to know that other women are leaving the industry, this makes more room for me.

IT world..here we come to fill the gap ;p

IT Managers Fear Growing Technical Gender Gap
Computerworld (04/19/07) Fonseca, Brian

Recruiting and retaining women for IT jobs such as storage administration, which requires being on-call at almost all times, has become a problem for many companies. Attendees at the recent Storage Networking World conference discussed the issue, and some participants saw it as a major problem in the years to come because more women are leaving such jobs and not enough are coming in behind them to take their place. Though statistics from the Department of Labor forecast an increase in IT jobs through 2012, research from Gartner indicates 40 percent of women will leave the industry for more flexible business, functional, and research and development careers over the next five years. The IT industry stands to miss out on the diversity and balance that women bring to teams that run and maintain storage environments. Dot Brunette, network and storage manager for Grand Rapids, Mich., retailer Meijer, says companies are failing “to provide day care at work, or work at-home options for someone who leaves to have a child.” Mentor relationships, team building, and training are also vital to retaining women, adds Lisa Johnson, manager of systems at Freedom Communications in Irvine, Calif.

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