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[avatar.JPG]I guess it’s time to edit this page. So let’s see..

I’m an Aquarius.

I’m still an Aquarius.

I’m a full-time developer, part-time-waster and occasionally a geek-chick.

I’m not a full-time developer anymore.  I’m a full time free-food-seeker, also known as a grad-student, in University of Toronto.  I’m part of the Systems and Networks group in the Department of Computer Science.  Or so they tell me.

No, I won’t fix your computer.

Yes, I still won’t fix your computer.

I like: reading, writing, programming, swimming.

Pretty much, yeah.  I do less swimming though. Oh, and less reading too.  Less writing as well, come to think about it.

I’m a big fan of JAVA — the language, the coffee.

Some things never change.

I’m fond of Arabic literature.

Some more things never change.

I’m into the research area of Social Networks Analysis.

I also study the evolution of aliens and their dominance in the area of computer science, with focus on possible correlations between the exponentially increasing number of zombies in eastern Antarctica and the emergence of the strange phenomena of lady gaga in North Amreeka.

I can type 124 words per minute.

No, I am not arrogant. I’m just faster than 98% of people.

I’m arrogant now.

My favorite movies include Brave Heart, Bourne Ultimatum, Rendition, Ice Age.

My favorite series include Prison Break, LOST, The Big Bang Theory.

My favorite bands/singers include Outlandish, Nickelback, Sami Youssef, Maher Zain.

Oh and I’m not psychopathic at all, btw. It’s just a nickname I got because of a silly psychopathic test I took years ago.

The test results came out positive.

This myself page is kinda lame.  I’m outta here.  Hope you find more amusing articles in the blog! Help yourself.

[Contact: psychopathya (at) gmail.com]


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